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how to carry out treatment

Vacuum the car inch by inch using a detailing brush while waiting for engine, disc brakes, paint surface etc. to cool off before washing. Wash with pressure jet of purified or de-ionized water while maintaining safe distance. Rinse car from top to bottom. Remove stains with high quality surface friendly mild organic shampoo or correct pH value shampoo to avoid streaking.

how to apply and use wax

Carry out pre-wax treatment of the car followed by the gentle buffing of waxed surfaces by hand using a high quality towel. Apply multi-layers of desired wax. Use buffing in a linear motion. Ensure Buff with high quality towel. Ensure QC at every step of the work.

how polishing affects the car detail

3-steps polishing ensures removal of swirl marks and hairline scratches. Protect the sensitive areas of the car exterior with masking tape prior to polish. Ensure survey of the exterior paint condition before and after polishing. Gentle buffing of waxed surfaces by hand using high quality towel. Ensure minimal application of wax for optimal results.

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